About the magazine

We have been dealing with the natural stone for more than 10 years. These cold insensible cobblestones, as they may seem to be, boggle the imagination by wisdom frozen in eternity which has struck us in the very heart. We have fallen in love with the stone, we literally have. As if the stone was a personality. We have fallen in love with its each vein, the mysterious glittering of mica inclusions, with the perfect polishing revealing the secrets of the prehistoric oceans’ life to the eyes of a man. We have imbued with its silent majesty, ductility in products, reliability and durability.

We have learned to appreciate each stone’s character; each sort has its own unique one, as well as the patterns that Nature itself has drawn on its cold sides. We have felt the inner strength the stone gives – exquisite marble, magnificent granite, cozy travertine and sophisticated onyx. We love it with all our soul. As true love, as well as the natural stone, is forever.

And we have decided to launch our one magazine dedicated to the stone with the aim of sharing a part of our love with you, to teach you to love the stone, in the way you would like it.

It will include everything: success stories, myths debunking, a little bit of humour, appreciation of the recognized masters of the past and the contemporary greatest geniuses. We are open to any criticism and wishes (all criticism and wishes are welcomed), that is why we emphasize the fact that any our friend is welcomed to share his/her own story on the pages of our magazine.

Daily routine, running on the spot and competition are exhausting. Therefore, we want our magazine to become that very unique precious gift, a gift to spend time with.

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