About our social networks

We prefer honesty and openness with our partners, customers and friends. Moreover, we realize the importance of communication in a modern world. After all, people are the greatest value nowadays (and it has always been so). People surrounding us, people trusting us, people we really want to make happy. That is why we have got accounts in several social networks (although, it is also a fashion tribute a bit, to tell the truth)

As for our Youtube channel, we upload video clips about our warehouses and important events taking place in our company, although we do not do it too often.  Our clips are about participation in exhibitions, our VIP-guests and the stone, of course.

We share great designer solutions, wish you to have a good morning with a cup of coffee and a good evening with a glass of a sophisticated wine on our Instagram account.

As for Facebook, we practically live on our account. Our life, supplies/deliveries and upgrades on a warehouse, gossips related to the famous architects’ lives, new ideas on the interior design market and fancy ideas regarding the natural stone’s use are available there. The source of our inspiration is the inexhaustible one – it is the very Nature which leads us on the path of love with the stone.

Join us in social networks and we will teach you to appreciate the stone and its thin timeless immortal soul.

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